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10 Vegan-Friendly Restaurants in Tokyo With Outdoor Seating

Eating out is a treasured part of all of our lives, but it’s hard to enjoy it if you are constantly worried about catching a deadly virus.

Dining outdoors is a good way to go out in a safe way, but unfortunately in Japan it is quite rare to find restaurants with outdoor seating, let alone those with outdoor seating and vegan options.

But do not fret! We have scoured the city for some great places for you to get your grub on with ample air circulation.

Read on for 10 not only delicious but spacious vegan-friendly restaurants in Tokyo with outdoor seating options.

Vegan outdoor seating options in Tokyo

Pizza Strada (Azabu Juban)

One of the best pizza restaurants in the city, Pizza Strada serves up various Neapolitan pizzas, including a couple vegan ones. You can even customize your own pizza by adding other veggie toppings.

We recommend the olives pizza—you will be shocked how generous they are with the olives!

There are also some vegan appetizers like green salad, fried potatoes, and marinated mushrooms. 

The outdoor seating area is huge, making it a great place for both people watching and relaxing.

Getting there

Closest station: Azabu Juban (Oedo line and Namboku line)

Mr. Farmer Shinjuku (Shinjuku & Komazawa)

Mr. Farmer is a chain vegan restaurant with 6 locations throughout Tokyo.

Their Shinjuku and Komazawa locations are the only ones with outdoor seating, however.

You can fuel up on burgers, curry, loco moco, pasta, or pizza in this cute, aesthetically-pleasing café.

loco moco mr farmer

Vegan loco moco

Their Shinjuku location is right by the station, making it convenient for those passing through. However, given that Shinjuku station is the busiest station in the world, it can get a bit crowded at peak times.

The Komazawa location is right by Komazawa Olympic Park, a large park in Tokyo’s Setagaya Ward. It has a more relaxed, quiet ambiance and is dog-friendly as well.

Getting there

Closest station:

  • Mr. Farmer Shinjuku: Shinjuku Station (JR lines, Odakyu line, Keio line, Oedo line, Shinjuku line, Marunouchi line)
  • Mr. Farmer Komazawa: Komazawa Daigaku (Den-en-toshi Line)

Brown Rice by Neal’s Yard (Omotesando)

brown rice tokyo

One of the more high-end places on this list, Brown Rice is highly regarded within the vegan scene here in Tokyo.

The cafe is very spacious and well-lit, with beautiful decor.

brown rice tokyo

Seasonal set lunch

It is part of the Neal’s Yard Remedies cosmetics brand that serves healthy, Japanese-style set meals that change seasonally. The restaurant is only open during lunch hours, and each meal is around 2200 yen. 

They also sell some delicious vegan treats, like tofu ice cream and various cakes.

Go to the back to eat in their beautiful garden. There is also a shop to buy some of the Neal’s Yard Remedies products. 

Getting there

Closest station: Omotesando (Ginza line, Hanzomon line, Chiyoda line)

Cityshop Aoyama (Omotesando)

cityshop aoyama

Cityshop has a few locations throughout the city, but their Aoyama deli location is the only one with outdoor seating.

It is essentially an upscale salad bar with seasonal dishes. 

Along with the regular basic veggies, you can choose from quite complex dishes like tofu salad with avocado, beans, and brown sugar soy sauce; caramelized bamboo shoots and potato; turnip and olive plum zen pasta, etc.

All their items have a clearly marked allergen list, so you can easily tell if it is vegan or not. 

Their 2 deli plate (with greens) will cost you 1400 yen, while the 5 deli plate costs 1600 yen.

They also have coffee, tea, fresh juice, kombucha, beer, and wine as well.

Getting there

Closest station: Omotesando (Ginza line, Hanzomon line, Chiyoda line)

Savoy Mishuku-dori (Yutenji)

savoy pizza yutenji

Savoy regularly makes it to best pizza lists, and while this is not their flagship location, it certainly doesn’t taste any less delicious.

There are a couple of outdoor tables in the front of their restaurant, but the inside is so spacious and open that even if you can’t get a table outside, you will still feel quite safe.

You can choose from exactly 2 options for pizza – marinara or margherita.

There are also a few pasta options, as well as some appetizers. 

The menu clearly marks allergens like eggs, milk, wheat, crab, peanuts, etc so it is great if you have dietary restrictions or allergies!

Getting there

Closest station: Yutenji (Tokyu Toyoko line)

Farmer’s Café Project (Shimokitazawa)

Located in the trendy neighborhood of Shimokitazawa, Farmer’s Café Project has a homey, cozy vibe. You leave your shoes at the door and sit at a traditional low Japanese-style table.

Their terrace has a few seats in a green, spacious environment perfect for relaxing and enjoying the fresh food.

All of their produce is from their own local and organic farm.

Vegan menu items include the shojin plate and curry set. 

Getting there

Closest station: Shimokitazawa (Inokashira line, Odakyu line)

Good Town Doughnuts and Coffee (Harajuku)

goodtown doughnuts

In need of something sweet? Good Town Doughnuts has got you covered!

A NYC-style doughnut and coffee shop, whose clientele is mainly instagram-obsessed women, this little cafe has vegan doughnuts and great coffee to boot. 

We recommend that you go before 3 pm, as they tend to run out of the vegan doughnuts if you go later in the afternoon.

good town doughnuts

Their flavors are unique and delicious– they’ve got hibiscus, passionfruit cacao nibs, ginger apple cider, California strawberry lemonade, and more. They also have classics like glazed, cinnamon sugar, or chocolate for the more traditional folk.

However, not all the flavors are made every day, so you’ll have to go and see what they have out that day.

good town doughnuts

There are a few benches and tables outside, so take your fried bread and almond milk latte and gaze out as Harajuku flutters by. Oh, and don’t forget to take a pic of your food, of course.

Getting there

Closest stations: Harajuku (JR Yamanote line); Meiji-jingumae (Chiyoda line, Fukutoshin line)

1110 Café (Kawaguchi, Saitama)

1110 cafe

A newly opened 100% vegan café in Saitama, just 45 minutes from central Tokyo, 1110 is not technically in the city but is oh-so worth it.

1110 cafe vegan french toast

Vegan French toast & eggs benedict

You can get yourself a plethora of baked goods, French toast, eggs benedict, mac and cheese, and more.

There is a large garden that extends out and around the cafe, so you can eat outdoor in peace and nature.

1110 cafe garden

When you’re done eating, your journey isn’t over! On the weekends, you can go over to the farmer’s market in the garage next door.

There is also a kombucha brewery just around the back of the café if you are looking for some yummy probiotics.

Getting there

Closest station:

  • Take bus 24 from Kawaguchi station and get off at Motogo 4 chome


  • Take bus 23 from Akabane station and get off at Naginohashi

&sandwich. (Shinjuku Gyoen)

Right across the street from Shinjuku Gyoen is a sandwich shop with vegan options.

Their sandwiches huge, colorful, and fresh. Everything is made-to-order, and their dressings are homemade as well.

Although there is only 1 clearly marked vegan sandwich, it is packed with greens, avocado, mustard, and fried onions that is surprisingly filling.

If you are not lucky enough to snag one of the seats outside, the restaurant has large doors all around the entrance that are kept open and provide ample open air flow.

Getting there

Closest station: Shinjuku Gyoenmae (Marunouchi line)

Le Pain Quotidien Shibakoen (Shibakoen and Tokyo Midtown)

A French-style bakery and café, Le Pain Quotidien (meaning, “the daily bread”) has a few locations throughout Tokyo. 

Their Shibakoen and Tokyo Midtown locations have outdoor seating and a handful of clearly-marked vegan options like avocado toast, spirulina and vegetable toast, and the hummus platter. There are also a few vegan dessert options and soy milk for those looking for plant-based lattes.

The Shibakoen location is particularly nice, as it is located right on the park with views of Tokyo Tower. It is also pet-friendly, so you can enjoy your meal with your pup. 

Getting there

Closest station:

  • Le Pain Quotidien Shibakoen: Hamamatsucho/Daimon (JR line, Asakusa line, and Oedo line) or Onarimon (Mita line)
  • Le Pain Quotidien Tokyo Midtown: Roppongi (Hibiya line and Oedo line)

We all want to return to some sense of normalcy while staying safe and healthy.

Eating out can certainly help, and eating al fresco is one of the best ways to do so safely.

I hope this list helps you get out there and enjoy yourself a bit more this summer!

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