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Welcome to Japan's #1 Sustainable Tourism!

Foodie Adventure Japan is your unique guide through Tokyo taking you on a tour through the unknown, the quirky, or the traditional side of this versatile city. On the hunt for the craziest bits & bites that Tokyo has to offer you’ll come along rainbow cotton candy, savory street food, or monster ice cream.

However, our tours are not just about food – along with the trendiest eateries you’ll find hidden temples, interesting facts, and modern design. Dive deep into Tokyo’s history with us and learn to understand the soul and taste of this city.

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The Face Behind Foodie Japan

Gizem Sakamaki is the creative mind behind Foodie Tours Japan. Gizem is Turkish, born in Germany, married to a Japanese. She has been living in Japan since 2015, after falling in love with Japan during her Work and Travel Year in 2013.

Gizem is a polyglot with an ongoing interest in learning new languages. She speaks German, Turkish, English, and Japanese fluently. Her mixed cultural background led to a broad understanding of intercultural communication, its difficulties, and its advantages. Her love for languages and the unknown made her a passionate traveler and eater.

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