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best vegan burgers tokyo

Best Vegan Burgers In Tokyo (2020)

Vegan burgers have been popping up all over Tokyo in recent months. With so many new choices, how can one know which burgers are actually worth trying?

Well, we’ve done the work for you and have rounded up the best vegan burgers in Tokyo so that you don’t have to waste your time or money on mediocre burgers.

Tokyo’s Tastiest Vegan Burgers

Best Overall Burger:
Great Lakes

great lakes tokyo

Great Lakes is a small burger joint in Takadanobaba that has really made a splash in the vegan community recently.

It opened December 2019 with both vegan and meat options, but decided to go 100% vegan after the outbreak of coronavirus.

John Penny, the owner, reasoned that since the virus was caused by animal exploitation, he felt he could not continue to contribute to something that almost killed his restaurant as well as thousands of others around the world.

Their patties are made with shiitake mushrooms and rice, with house-made sauces and soy-based cheese. Their fries are also very good– crispy on the outside yet soft on the inside, with the right amount of salt. They also have a selection of craft beers to pair with your food.

great lakes vegan burger

For dessert, go for their cashew-based milkshake or ice cream. So creamy, you won’t even know it’s plant based.

The playlist, a mix of throwback alternative rock music, is also worth noting.

Overall, the vibes and food here is a 10/10; a must-visit for all burger lovers.

Most Innovative Burger:
Superiority Burger’s New Japan Creation

superiority burger japan

Originally from NYC, Superiority Burger‘s menu is full of fun, creative, “How did they make this?” burgers and sides.

Their New Japan Creation is one of the most original, delicious vegan burgers I’ve had anywhere. It’s made with yuba and sesame sauce and comes with fresh herbs and cucumber on a buttery bun. The yuba will melt in your mouth, while the veggies give it crunch and freshness. The burger has a certain flavor and texture combination that you probably have never experienced before, and is seriously addicting.

I also love their veggie sides, which change quite frequently so it’s fun to see what new things they have come up with whenever I go.

Some other items worth your money: gelato, potato coconut soup, and tofu fried tofu (more on that below).

Best “Chicken” Burger:
Cori’s Soy Chicken Nanban Burger

cori vegan burger

Cori is a small, hole-in-the-wall cafe tucked away in southwest Tokyo. It has a rustic, modern style with a few tables and a large bar.

Their menu is full of delicious items like falafel platters, teriyaki tofu, and jambalaya, but the stand out is definitely their chicken nanban burger.

Juicy soy chicken, creamy sauce, and caramelized onions between a soft bun… what more could you ask for?

I particularly like their roasted potatoes, which come with the burger. Although the portion is definitely Japanese (aka tiny), they are so delectable and flavorful that it’s forgivable.

For craft beer lovers, Cori has got you covered as well with their large selection of domestic craft beers.

Warning: It can be a bit difficult to find as it is on a side street, but just look out for their sign outside.

Best Meaty Burger:
Umami Burger’s Botanical Burger

umami burger vegan burger

Umami Burger recently released the Botanical Burger, their first 100% plant-based burger made with soy and beets.

It’s the meatiest burger I’ve had in Japan, and tastes similar to the Impossible or Beyond Burger. It tastes so real that it may even turn off certain vegans who have not had meat in a while, or those who simply do not like the taste of meat.

The bun, veggies, and condiments are also very fresh, making their burger a solid choice for those looking for a more “realistic” vegan burger.

umami burger vegan burger

They also have various types of fries such as plain, garlic, cajun, and sweet potato, as well as onion rings. Personally, I recommend the sweet potato fries.

You can also veganize almost any other burger on their menu by simply switching the patty to the botanical one, asking for the vegan bun, and omitting all non-vegan ingredients.

Honorable Mentions

Superiority Burger’s Tofu Fried Tofu

tofu fried tofu

Superiority Burger deserves more than one mention when it comes to burgers in Tokyo. Their Tofu Fried Tofu is basically a vegan fried chicken sandwich, one that is amazingly seasoned and fried to perfection. It is actually equally as good as the Japan New Creation, but the New Creation is just a tad more unique, hence why the TFT is on the honorable mention list. Don’t @ me.

Terra Burger

terra burger

Terra Foods, a food truck and specialty vegan food company, just opened up a brick and mortar cafe in Daikanyama. The burgers at Terra Burger and Bowls are certainly tasty, but lose a few points due to their price and the fact that they are not as unique as some of the others on this list. However, it’s definitely a solid option for those wanting a hearty burger.

Komeda Coffee’s Soy Burger

komeda coffee soy burger

Another new cafe, Komeda-Is is a 100% vegan Japanese-style coffee shop in Ginza that serves up sandwiches, burgers, and pastas in huge portions. Their soy burger, while it will not blow your mind, is perfectly tasty and very filling.

I also like their thick-cut fries and pizza toast. They also have various sweets like pancakes, tarts, and cakes.

Did we miss any?

It’s great that our choices are increasing, and I can’t wait to see veganism continue to grow in Japan.

We’d love to know your thoughts as well. Do you agree on our choices of the top vegan burgers in Tokyo?

Please let us know your favorite vegan burger in Tokyo, and if we missed any of your top picks.

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