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The Best Restaurants in Tokyo with Vegan Sushi

Nadeshiko (Akihabara)

Nadeshiko ranks amongst my favorites in Tokyo. A local traditionally styled sushi restaurant inside, they serve a full vegan sushi lunch and dinner set. I stopped by for lunch one afternoon and was met with the most beautiful, “kawaii” sushi set. At Nadeshiko, the owner, head chef, and sushi makers are all female.

This is revolutionary in the world of sushi here in Japan, where all head chefs are male. I love to support businesses like this which are challenging social norms. Not only is it inspiring, but the sushi is also the best vegan sushi I have tasted. When I first heard that sushi rice is the most important component, I did not understand what that meant…until I went to Nadeshiko. Nadeshiko really takes the cake with its light and fluffy rice. Their “nigiri” component is made up of various types of vegetables such as red pepper and eggplant. I was truly surprised by the wonderful texture of the pieces. Also, the plate was decorated with the utmost care and love that only these creative ladies could dream up of. I recommend giving them a call to make a reservation, just to be sure they have time and space available. You can contact Nadeshiko Sushi at 03 3254 6661.

Katsu-Midori (Shibuya)

Katsu-Midori is your traditional kaitzensushi (conveyer belt sushi) restaurant where you can find vegan and vegetarian options. It is a great place to hit with others that want some omni-sushi while you want to try the plentiful vegan options. You can choose from plates such as avocado sushi, eggplant sushi, cucumber maki, and vegetable tempura. There also is another easy izakaya (Japanese bar) dishes like edamame and potato fries. It’s a fun way to experience the usual sushi restaurant. Katsu-Midori is located on the 8th floor of the Seibu store in Shibuya and it seems quite popular because there is always a line to get in.


 Sushi Gonpachi (Shibuya)

Sushi Gonpachi is a more up-scale traditional Japanese restaurant 14 floors up in the sky. It has a beautiful view of Shibuya city below and the atmosphere is comfortable yet fancy. I enjoyed the Japanese decor, and you have the option to either watch the sushi chef make your pieces for you or can sit at a table overlooking the night view. There is a vegetable sushi set dinner for a reasonable 1300 yen and there are also other maki (rolled sushi) rolls such as shiso and ume which are vegan. The staff understands what vegan/vegetarian is and is more than willing to answer your questions about what the dishes contain. As for the sushi, it had a lovely presentation and it consisted of typical Japanese vegetables such as spring onion, mushroom, and myoga (a type of ginger). It was very fresh and tasty, but I definitely needed to order more than just that one sushi plate to be full. Gonpachi also has unique and refreshing cocktails such as the Yuzu mojito which went along well with my sushi.

I hope these help you find some yummy vegan sushi in Tokyo!

Happy eating! ????


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