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Black-Owned Businesses to Support in Tokyo

Foodie Adventure has been reflecting lately on what we can do to support the Black Lives Matter movement from here in Tokyo. Systemic racism is an issue we could spend pages and pages writing about, but instead, we would like to amplify black voices who have been explaining it already for years. To learn more about systemic racism in society please follow this link: This is a time to listen, learn, and support the black community in any way we can. 


Economic support is of utmost importance right now, so we have compiled a list of incredible vegan & vegetarian options from black-owned businesses that you can support right here in Tokyo! This won’t solve systemic racism or the injustice that many people in our community face daily. It’s a small step we can take to do better as we take strides toward the bigger goals of equality.

Vegan Gumbo

Soul Food House


Soul Food House is like one of those restaurants that you go to that you immediately feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I adore this place and their commitment to giving you the best damn southern comfort food you are going to find. No really, it’s being ranked among the best in the world! They also have a huge vegan menu!! Last time I went I got an alcoholic sweet tea, vegan gumbo, and quesadilla. I also ended the meal with probably the best slice of vegan red velvet cake I had ever eaten. I am so excited to try the vegan chicken and waffles, but they are often sold out because they are such a tasty item! The owners are the loveliest bunch as well, and they really make the atmosphere of the place come alive. They walk around to each and every table, asking your thoughts on the food. This is something I quite miss about dining in the United States, some words from the chef. All in all, a 10/10 across the board. 


Location: Three-minute walk from Azabujuban station.

Red Velvet Cake

Little Ethiopia 


One of my lovely friends recommended this restaurant in Yotsugi. She said it was owned by the sweetest Ethiopian family, and the menu was easily customizable to be vegan or vegetarian (but you should definitely call ahead). The food looks absolutely wonderful, and I know I will be making my way over there as soon as possible. Their menu online includes a traditional Mahiberawi main dish where you can try many different small portions of yummy looking Ethiopian food.


Address: 3 Chome-34-17 Higashiyotsugi, Katsushika City, Tokyo 124-0014

Phone number: 03-6323-3983


Kyle’s Good Finds 


This bakery and specialty shop in Nakano has a huge range of tasty looking pies and cakes. It looks like you can even custom order items such as a birthday cake! While not vegan, all of the goodies look to be vegetarian and delicious. It looks like it is only open on the weekends, but you can call ahead and place special orders. The menu ranges from applesauce spice cake and brownies to pumpkin pie and bagels. 




Yummy CupCakery is owned and run by the wonderful Sasha Lee Seals. You can custom order beautiful cupcakes and cakes from her website. There are also a variety of cupcakes, cookies, and Jamaican desserts available for purchase. They even ship everywhere around Japan! These treats are definitely a great birthday present I can send to friends. 


Economic support for black-owned businesses is great. But let’s not limit ourselves to just this. We can sign petitions, read books, listen to lectures and leaders, and attend peaceful protests. Do you know any other businesses that we can support? We would love to hear any and all thoughts!

Happy eating! xoxo Jackie


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