Eat The Rainbow in Tokyo's funkiest Neighborhood - HARAJUKU!


What we’ll do

Bringing together stunning food and cool photo spots, the Instalicious Food Tour invites you to eat away on this fun three-hour walking tour through the undoubtedly funkiest and most Kawaii Tokyo neighborhood – HARAJUKU!

This is a local experience where we will:

  • Explore the world-famous cradle of funky Japanese Kawaii (cute) culture
  • Behold “Harajuku things” that’ll make you squeal “CUTE!” and learn about the background of Kawaii culture!
  • Eat the top 5 of Harajuku’s funky Instagram-worthy street foods!
  • Dive into Harajuku’s little-known back streets where Japan’s sub-cultures thrive and hear insider stories
  • Eat a Rainbow and make the cutest and most colorful memories of your time in Japan!

What I’ll provide

  • 4 Instalicious Harajuku foods (sweet & savory)
  • 1 Instalicious Kawaii Drink

What to bring

Curiosity, appetite and a camera of your choice to snap all the Kawaii foods! (A phone camera is enough)

Cash for some shopping after our tour if you like

Please wear comfy shoes and dress according to the weather

What else you should know

All of the unique food items are included in the tour price.

Guests can buy additional drinks at their own convenience

Looking forward to eating with you soon!