Kimono Experience — Shopping Tour

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1 hours

Group size

1~1 people

Would you like to buy a Japanese kimono as a souvenir or perhaps are looking to start wearing the traditional garment and don’t know where to begin?

As a passionate kimono wearer I am happy to guide you to my favorite vintage or new kimono shops in Tokyo. Not only do I know the best places for gorgeous and affordable kimono in town, but as a stylist with deep knowledge about the garments, I can help you put together a complete outfit according to your wishes and budget.

Whether you are just visiting Japan or actually live here: With kimono shops being scrambled all over the place in Tokyo, it can get overwhelming to find gorgeous one-of-a-kind kimono.

Not knowing where, how and what items are needed to complete a kimono outfit, initially held me back several years before I started out with kimono. Helping to realize your kimono dreams comfortably and in a fun way is what I am here for.

What does this Kimono Shopping Tour offer?

  • Personal shopping tour customized to your needs and budget
  • Introduction of local shops off the beaten path
  • Help selecting the right items and size, styling of complete outfits
  • Learn about kimono in detail and get all your questions answered
  • A fun local guided experience through Tokyo
  • Everyone is welcome, not only ladies!

* When booking please let me know your individual needs or goal and approximate budget.
(Vintage kimono are most affordable, however if you like a new or custom kimono that is doable as well.)
* I will plan a tour based on where I think we can find the best items suited for you.
* On the day we will travel to several of my selected shops and I will help you browse for kimono items needed.
* Happy to answer all your questions about kimono during the tour, so ask away!
* If we travel by train you will need to pay your own ticket.
* Tours need to be fully pre-paid / Cancellations up to 3 days prior to the tour are fully refundable. Cancellations after or a no-show will result in full charge.

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