Yes, Japan is a Real Challenge if you’re Gluten-Free – But No Worries, Let us Show you where the Good stuff is!


Asakusa is home to Tokyo’s oldest temple, a beautifully preserved cityscape of the traditional Tokyo and an unmatched “old-meets-new”, naturally co-existing in this neighborhood of colorful contrasts!

What we’ll do

  • Make a wish – the Japanese way! – at Tokyo’s # 1 must-see attraction – the famed and stunning Sensoji Temple
  • Savor a delicious and fully Gluten-Free Japanese Lunch at a small restaurant in one of Asakusa’s tiny side streets
  • Enjoy an unobstructed bird’s eye view of the impressive Tokyo Sky Tree in full length, the gorgeous Sensoji Temple and its stunning 5-Story Pagoda
  • Learn interesting information about the area and what makes it special!
  • Sample lots of different traditionally Gluten-Free Japanese snacks from small family-run shops – some even dating back to the 1950’s!
  • Extra Fun stuff: Rub a humongous straw sandal, take pictures of quirky Japnese plastic foods
  • Stroll Asakusa’s lesser-known backstreets
  • Finish the tour off with heavenly fluffy Gluten-Free dessert!

What else you should know

Wear suitable clothing & comfy shoes 🙂

What I’ll provide

  • 1 Lunch
  • 1 Drink
  • 2-3 Retro-Tokyo Delicacies
  • 1 Dessert. Not just any dessert. Past guests have loved this fluffy goodness!

What to bring

Appropriate clothing, curiosity & appetite

Looking forward to eating with you soon!