Where to Find Vegan Gyoza in Tokyo                              

  1. T's Tan Tan (Tokyo Station, Ueno Station, Narita Airport)
T's is your go-to, staple vegan food here in Tokyo. It is very popular, and rightfully so. T's provides reasonably priced vegan ramen, allowing you to try traditional Japanese food without any animal products. The vegan gyoza are delicious and crispy. They are smaller than most gyoza you will find and have a thinner, crispier shell. The gyoza contain veggies and soy meat and definitely tops the lists as a fan favorite.

Tokyo Vegan Restaurant of the Month: Olu Olu Cafe

People often ask me what some of my go-to restaurants are here in Tokyo. Not only tourists but locals are curious as to where they can find delicious vegan food that will not break the bank. Ever since I started going to Olu Olu Cafe two years ago, I have whole-heartedly been recommending it to anyone and everyone.

Neighborhood Spotlight: Shimokitazawa

There is such a wide range of neighborhoods in Tokyo, each with their own unique charm and vibe. One of my personal favorites is none other than the hip and trendy, Shimokitazawa. Not only is it packed full of thrift stores and cafes, it also provides many different options to satisfy all your vegan needs.

My favorite dish in Tokyo

With so many wonderful vegan restaurants in Tokyo, it is hard to choose which one is my favorite, let alone which is my favorite dish.

I decided I would settle on picking a favorite dish of the month so I would have no choice but to sample all the delicious vegan food I possibly could.

My first spotlight will focus on the soymilk doria from T's Restaurant in Jiyugaoka. I have had this dish many times and it seriously doesn't get much better than this.

Where can I get vegan ice cream in Tokyo?

Walking down the streets of Tokyo as a vegan you may feel like you are missing out on an essential foodie experience:

Japanese soft cream, or rather, ice cream.

Have no fear! You can still get wonderful ice cream in various places around the city!

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