March Foodie Hangout

March Foodie Hangout

📍 BEP VIET Kappabashi

Finding good Vietnamese food has been a mission for so many Tokyo Foodies, that it’s become more or less of a missionary pilgrimage to find out what place has the most authentic Pho.
Since I (very sadly) haven’t been to Vietnam and haven’t eaten the real deal yet, I’m in no good position to judge its authenticity but man, this bowl of Pho changed my image of what Pho can be: LIFE CHANGING 🤩

I ate the soup down to last sip (I was last to finish lol) and wanted to go back again today 😅
Food makes me do things. But if it makes me wanna go back twice, it means it’s done EVERYTHING RIGHT.
The fried spring rolls were also an absolutely new taste experience. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had my fair share of oil-dripping rolls and crispy yummy ones, but these were something different 😍 eaten with lettuce and a bit of colorful carrot & daikon, dipped in fish sauce, this crispy piece of heaven alone would make me go back soon.


Enough swooning. This almost sounds like a paid advertisement 🤣

We hit up this newly opened restaurant on our February Foodie Hang-out, which is a regular gathering of food-lovers, perfect to fill your tummy with delish food, make new foodie friends and take home a new restaurant recommendation. If this sounds like something you don’t want to miss out on, join my Facebook Group FOODIES JAPAN. It’s meant for residents, but if you promise to be an active contributor, you are more than welcome to share and receive new food tips in this group 💁🏻‍♀️✨


The whole lunch cost us a mere 1200¥ 😳

After filling our tummies we even got a cup of world-famous Vietnamese coffee as part of the set. Freshly brewed and all 😍 The rumors were true: Vietnamese Coffee is UNLIKE any other coffee I’ve had so far. It’s silky, not bitter, almost chocolatey and even a delight to drink for this 🙋🏻‍♀️ not-really coffee drinker (it gives me palpitations and isn’t really “tasty”, but still my body will crave it from time to time… talk about coffee not being addictive, lol)

Bep Viet has a fully Vietnamese team in the kitchen, striving to offer an as authentic as a possible food experience 🇻🇳💕

10/10 will go again
(maybe tomorrow!?)




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