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Foodie x HoshinoRa Collection

Foodie Wear Japan

A fateful online encounter with artist Hoshino Ra unfurls a series of excited messages disclosing our mutual love and appreciation for Japanese food, Ghibli movies, dad jokes, and the magical yuzu fruit. The Collab was SEALED!


Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love pancakes? ‘Dorayaki’ (どら焼き) are Japanese castella pancakes usually served with sweet red bean paste in between. It’s like a sweet pancake sandwhich to go & loved by many in Japan!


If anything represents Japanese sweets in autumn it’s Montblanc! Typically an italian dish, this little desert is super popular once chestnuts, or kuri (栗) in Japanese, go in season in Japan.


The popular waffle & red-bean paste snack shaped like a fish!

It imitates the shape of the 鯛, which it is named after.


Ah, Hokusai’s famous painting: The Great Wave of…wait…Taiyaki!? In this original design, the popular waffle & red-bean paste snack shaped like a fish infiltrated the stormy waters of Tokyo Bay! Anybody wants to go fishing? 😄

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