Welcome to Japan’s Most Tasty Tours!

Welcome to Japan’s Most Tasty Tours!

Welcome to Foodie Japan, your guide through Japan offering tours with unique and delicious content!

We believe that Japan has not only to be discovered through your eyes but also through your heart and stomach.

How it all began

Starting out in 2017 Foodie Japan was founded by Gizem Sakamaki. She originally came back in 2015 to the Land of the Rising Sun but quickly fell in love with the country and her present husband.

Having operated a successful Airbnb business in Japan, Gizem has found her passion in providing hospitality services and sharing her love of Japan with her guest.

Gizem is a true Foodie at heart and with 160,000 restaurants, Tokyo has been an endless food journey with a neverending “to-go list” for her (which she’s diligently “working” off!). Foodie Japan is the fusion of her passion for food and hospitality in which she offers curious travelers and locals a unique experience including local food and knowledge.

Why our tours will be the highlight of your trip

Your individual needs are our top priority at Foodie Japan. We want you to experience and taste Japan like you’ve never before and dive deep into the history and cuisine of this country. Our experienced guides will take you off the beaten track on a journey through

Foodie Japan offers unique tours like our #instalicious food tour which is the first and only in the world! This exclusive tour takes you on a journey to discover crazy Harajuku’s street-food gems and hidden photo spots!