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Tokyo Vegan Restaurant of the Month: Olu Olu Cafe

People often ask me what some of my go-to restaurants are here in Tokyo. Not only tourists but locals are curious as to where they can find delicious vegan food that will not break the bank. Ever since I started going to Olu Olu Cafe two years ago, I have whole-heartedly been recommending it to anyone and everyone.

The beloved mochiko chicken burger.

How to get there:

Olu Olu Cafe is a cozy Hawaiian themed cafe that is smack dab in the middle of three stations. It is pretty close to Shibuya and you should take the Den-en-Toshi line from Shibuya station to Ikejiri-Ohashi for the closest train station. It is still about a twelve-minute walk from there though. You can also take bus 31 or 32 from Shibuya if you prefer, which leaves you with only a four-minute walk.

What to try:

The real beauty of Olu Olu Cafe is that not only is it completely vegan, but it has a very extensive menu. You can sample Okinawa’s famed taco rice, which comes topped with homemade vegan salsa and sour cream. There is the ramen of the day, which depends on the season and ingredients in stock. No matter the ramen type, you can count on it to be super flavorful. Then there are the burgers…these burgers are definitely something to write home about. Their mochiko chicken burger is so crispy and very well seasoned. Some of the other dishes I have had the pleasure of trying included tempeh cubes, gyoza, the brown rice plate of the day, jambalaya, and faux fish n’ chips. Every single one of these dishes is expertly crafted; you really cannot go wrong with whatever you order.

Amazing vegan food, extensive menu, cozy cafe, what more could you want? What if I told you this was some of the most reasonably priced dishes in Tokyo? For a mere thousand yen you can have any one of these beautiful plates. Also, Olu Olu Cafe has delicious vegan wine and beers for a great price. As if this all was not enough, this restaurant is owned by the loveliest husband and wife vegan team who do all the preparation, cooking, and serving themselves. Let’s go show them some vegan love!

Happy eating! ????

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