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Vegan Ice Cream in Tokyo!

Where can I get vegan ice cream in Tokyo?

Walking down the streets of Tokyo as a vegan you may feel like you are missing out on an essential foodie experience:

Japanese soft cream, or rather, ice cream.

Have no fear! You can still get wonderful ice cream in various places around the city!

We will start with one of my personal favorite spots, Falafel Brothers in Roppongi and Ebisu. Falafel Brothers has a wonderful vanilla ice cream cup with the gooey date and caramel sauce. I absolutely adore the topping.

Another hot spot for me is Rainbowbird Rendevouz in Naka-Meguro. After you finish a wonderful lunch or dinner plate, you can polish off your meal with an amazing strawberry milkshake or soft-serve ice cream. I love the texture of this soft cream and it tastes almost identical to real ice cream!

Kippy’s Cococream in Harajuku also has a few options of coconut-based ice creams that come in different flavors as well. I hope you have time to sample some vegan ice cream here in Tokyo! Happy eating! 

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