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Veggie Take-Out Options

Due to the current status in public health, we all are banished to our homes for a significant amount of time. This presents for a lovely opportunity to try our hands at recipes and new concoctions. However, what about those days we just don’t want to do anything? There are lots of restaurants and small businesses adapting and accommodating their routines in order to provide food in a safe way. Foodie Adventure thought this was a great way to help out the local community, as well as find some fantastic new options that you may not have thought of before!


Take-Out Options

Tit Chai (Shimokitazawa)

Titchai is a wonderful take-out option if you are living in Setagaya area. Mostly everything on their menu is veganize-able (just made up a new word) and each dish is so flavorful. Personally, I would recommend the pad Thai which is loaded with fragrant veggies or the Nasi Goreng, a true flavor burst.

Number: 03-3411-0141


Saido (Jiyugaoka)

Saido is currently ranked number one in the WORLD on Happy Cow, and rightly so. Quite simply put, the meals are upper echelon. And don’t think just because it is take-out you will get anything less than that. It looks like they have katsu curry, noodles, and mapodon to choose from. I recommend the katsu curry!

Number: 03-5726-9500


Olu Olu Cafe (Sangenjaya)

Olu Olu Cafe is one of my favorites here in Tokyo, and they have an extensive menu ranging from gyoza, brown rice plates, and ramen to burgers and fries. It is in between Sangenjaya station and Ikejiriohashi, so it is probably easiest to get to on a bike. My recommendation is the garlic and herb chicken burger!



Cafe Bask (Ogikubo)

I have only been to Cafe Bask once, but it is a beautiful little cafe closest to Ogikubo station. They are doing take-out right now with a menu that looks like some veggie rice plates and some curry sets. They also have a variety of desserts that are available!

Number: 03-5397-3199


Vege & Grain Cafe Meu Nota (Koenji)

This cute cafe is filling take away orders from 12 until 8 P.M. It seems like they have quite a few bento options such as brown rice plates with lots of colorful vegetables and vegan curries. They are located in Koenji, close to the previously mentioned Cafe Bask.



Veggie House (Kinshicho)

This Taiwanese restaurant is reportedly amazing (I have yet to go) and it has announced on its Facebook page that it has its whole menu available for take-out. This includes karaage, veggie noodles, curry, and lunch bentos. The food looks delicious and it seems like they are also on UberEats if you live within the delivery range.

Number: 03-3625-1245


The Farm Cafe (Asakusa)

The Farm Cafe is located in the popular area of Asakusa. It is entirely vegan and is now offering all its menu as a take out option. I really love the quality of their food here, and I recommend trying their lunch plates with tempura or the curry with karaage!



Komakishokudou Kamakurafushikian (Akihabara)

This traditional style Japanese food cafe is now ready for take away options! I have been longing to go here for quite a while, with their wonderful looking sets and big portion sizes. It is located close to Akihabara station, so it is convenient if you are living on the North-side of Tokyo.

Number: 03-5577-5358


Falafel Brothers (Ebisu & Roppongi)

Falafel Brothers is a vegan staple here in Tokyo, with cheap and tasty falafels plus more! They are doing pick up orders at their Ebisu and Roppongi shop, but I believe their Shibuya location is currently closed. They say to simply call them 20 minutes before you intend to pick up, and your order will be waiting. Falafel Brothers is also on UberEats for those lucky ones inside their zone.

Number (Ebisu): 03-6427-3398

Number (Roppongi): 03-6459-2844


 Uber Eats/Delivery

Vegan Izakaya Masaka

Vegan Izakaya Masaka recently opened in December, and it has since been one of my go-to’s. You can order either by DM’ing them on Instagram or by calling them to place your order. They have lunch bentos, gyoza, kaarage, and sides available for delivery. I ordered the macaroni salad (yum), three karaages, and the gyoza. Of the karaage flavors, I would recommend getting ones that are not too saucy so the outside does not get soggy. But I absolutely love the Schezhuen flavored karaage!

Number: 070-4372-0391


Superiority Burger

Superiority Burger is the new vegan hotspot in Tokyo, with its wildly creative and delicious menu. It is currently open for take away from 11-6 every day but also now it will be delivering! You can either find it on UberEats or it will be delivering to a small radius around Shibuya and Harajuku. You can call them to see if you live within range, but it is quite small so you might just want to check and see if they are available on your UberEats. I highly highly suggest the New Japan Creation (Yuba burger)!

Number: 03-6432-9360


Bells Nakameguro Hotdog & Shake

Bells just recently opened their new hotdog stand in Nakameguro, and I was so happy to see them on UberEats! They have many different types of vegan hotdogs, with my personal favorite being the original one or the soy cream sauce hotdog. Bells also has vegan shakes and french fries with veggie chili options!

Numbers: 080-4330-9602


Milan Nataraj

Milan Nataraj is a completely vegetarian Indian restaurant with a few locations around Tokyo. They are conveniently found on UberEats, and their whole menu is clearly marked as vegan or not vegan. All their curries are tasty and their spinach vegan naan is delicious!

Number: 03-6416-9022


Reimen Dining Tsurushiko

Tsurushiko is an amazing cold ramen shop located close to Shibuya station. They are now doing orders via UberEats, with their vegan menu clearly marked. I love their soy milk ramen and their tomato basil (I know, not exactly traditional) but be sure to note you are vegan with the tomato basil because it comes with cheese on top.

Number: 090-7321-7527



Pizzakaya has one of my beloved items on the menu, vegan pizza. This is quite difficult to find in Tokyo, but they are available for both take out but also delivery! Their pizzas are quite pricey, but for me, they are worth it! I do not know their delivery radius, but I assume you can just call their number and ask.

Number: 03-3479-8383


Blu Jam Cafe

Blu Jam Cafe seems to be on many of our lists, and for good reason. Blu Jam is available on UberEats, while it does not look like their full menu can be ordered. Their vegan reuben sandwich and the huevos rancheros are some of my personal favorites, and they are also on their UberEats menu.

Number (Daikanyama): 03-6455-1446

Number (Azabujuban): 03-6807-4081


Rainbowbird Rendezvous

Rainbowbird is an entirely vegan restaurant in Naka-meguro. They are now doing both take-out and delivery with a large menu of bento boxes to choose from. It looks like a great selection, and I am happy they are even offering delivery! All of their options are healthy and good portion sizes as well.

Number: 03-3791-5470

The Pink Cow

The Pink Cow is the location of a lot of the vegan meet-ups. Not only are they available on UberEats with some vegan options, but they also will do delivery for all of Japan of their homemade burritos and Enchiladas! Please contact them via their website or by phone to enquire about the options for vegans.


Number: 03-6441-2998



Citron is a higher-end vegetarian restaurant with many vegan options. They are currently on UberEats, where they have many options such as soup, salad, sandwiches and gratin. I have not personally eaten here, but I hear nothing but good things about the food.

Number: 03-6447-2556


I actually found many places offering take out with veggie options, but if I added every single option, I probably would be writing this blog post for forever. I set out to write a list that included many different neighborhoods and areas of Tokyo, so I hope it comes in handy for all! As always, please let us know if there are any other places that deserve a spot on here. We really want to help all these small businesses get through this difficult time. ???? Thanks for reading! Happy eating! ????


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