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The truest of dilemmas: you want a tasty and delicious veggie meal, but you don’t want to leave your beloved pooch at home! What’s a dog’s best friend to do? Why not find some cafes and restaurants that cater to BOTH these needs! The Foodie Adventure team absolutely adores seeing the cute fur babies out and about, one of us even brings our own fur baby when possible. We decided to compile a list of our favorite, dog-accommodating, and veg-friendly spots around the city to help all the fellow pet owners out!

Gorgeous View from 1110 Bakery & Cafe

Ajisai Cafe

Ajisai Cafe Lunch Plate

Little known Ajisai Cafe (meaning hydrangea in Japanese) is actually nestled away in the backstreets between Sangenjaya and Yutenji and it doubles as a rescue cafe. So not only can you bring your furry friend along, you can play with adorable rescues from around Japan and maybe even take home a new pal! The last time I visited this lovely place they had a litter of puppies rescued from up north and it took all my willpower not to bring a lil pup home.


Besides the excellent entertainment, Ajisai Cafe offers quite a few vegan options. I usually order the mixed plate with vegan karaage (it is seriously delicious), and the portion size is definitely generous. Over half the plate is a heaping salad filled with all the most wonderful vegetables you can imagine. The tartar sauce along with the karaage and the side of soup and small seaweed dish all come together to make quite the amazing plate. 


111O Cafe 

1110 Bakery & Cafe Outdoor Patio

111O Cafe is the new kid on the block, technically located outside of Tokyo in Saitama. It is located in Kawaguchi and boasts a lovely green space and a completely vegan menu. You can try any of the chef’s incredible creations such as eggs benedict, quiche, or veggie sandwiches, all while enjoying the company of your fur friend. 111O Cafe also has a variety of baked goods and freshly made coffee available. If you’re more in the mood for a pick me up, 111O Cafe has Kombucha on tap as well! It really has got it all and is worth a visit to neighboring Saitama. 


Alaska Zwei

Lovely Plate from Alaska Zwei

Alaska Zwei is a rustic, charming cafe located in between Ikejiri-Ohashi and Nakameguro station. It is completely vegan, and completely doggo friendly as well! They have a lovely menu, including the fluffiest and tastiest focaccia around. I recommend the tonkatsu sandwich, karaage, or any of their lunch sets like soup or curry. The atmosphere is very relaxed and calming, the perfect spot to hang out with a glass of wine or a cup of coffee and your furry pal. 


Sasaya Cafe

Curry Lunch from Sasaya Cafe

Sasaya Cafe is a beautiful spot on the Sumida river near Sky Tree. It is a large, open space that is very welcoming to pets, families, and bigger groups. Their menu includes baked goods such as muffins and scones in the morning and assorted Indian curry plates for lunch and dinner. The portions sizes are generous and their food is always fresh and tasty. It’s a great spot for a stroll down the river then a meal with family or friends. Bonus: there’s a spectacular little gallery attached to the restaurant to browse through after you finish your food and drink!


Cafe VG


Cafe VG is a vegetarian, vegan-friendly, dog-welcoming restaurant located near Waseda University. This adorable and eclectic cafe has a daily changing menu that ranges from culinary cuisine all over the world. They offer dishes such as Spanish tapas, Thai curry, and karaage. You really can travel the globe just through their variety of flavorful items. Cafe VG loves having furry visitors, and even has two of their very own holding down the fort! 


Blu Jam Cafe

Vegan Reuben from Blu Jam Cafe

Blu Jam makes the blog quite often, just because it is so accommodating and delicious. Not only does it have a huge vegan menu, not only does it have a gluten-free menu, not only is it great for large groups, but it also allows you to bring in your pooch! Since it is such a large space it works out quite well if you wanted to have your pup join you for brunch on dinner. My go-to eats on the menu include the vegan Reuben sandwich and the huevos rancheros. 


Olu Olu Cafe

Taco Rice from Olu Olu Cafe

I go to Olu Olu Cafe weekly, and I don’t think there has been one time I’ve gone in three years that I have not seen a dog there. It is super pup-friendly and even has some dog treats you can buy to share a meal with them. The menu at Olu Olu is so extensive and tasty, there is really nothing you can go wrong with ordering from there. My favorites probably would be the mochiko chicken burger or the taco rice. They are temporarily closed for renovations so please be aware to call and check to see if they are open before heading over. 


Have you been to any of these doggy friendly cafes? What did you think? Do you have any others you can add to our list? Let us know in the comments below!


Happy eating! Jackie xoxo


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