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Where to Find Vegan Gyoza in Tokyo?

T’s Tan Tan (Tokyo Station, Ueno Station, Narita Airport)

T’s is your go-to, staple vegan food here in Tokyo. It is very popular, and rightfully so. T’s provides reasonably priced vegan ramen, allowing you to try traditional Japanese food without any animal products. The vegan gyoza is delicious and crispy. They are smaller than most gyoza you will find and have a thinner, crispier shell. The gyoza contains veggies and soy meat and definitely tops the lists as a fan favorite.

Champagne & Gyoza Bar (Ebisu)

Next, is the unique and trendy Champagne & Gyoza bar that is conveniently located right next to Ebisu Station. Ebisu is one of the areas that has loads of great vegan options around. This place is definitely a must! Do gyoza and champagne sound a bit odd together? It did for me too! However, the combination was a hit for me! They serve lovely veggie gyoza with a platter of four different sauces. There is also droppers containing truffle oil, if you’re into that (I AM!), which you can pour over the gyoza. Add one of their chilled glasses of champagne and you have a tasty meal!

*If you go at happy hour their champagne prices are significantly lower, happy hour goes until 7.*

Loving Hut (Jimbocho)

Loving Hut, the vegan holy grail found in many cities around the world. I absolutely love the one here in Tokyo, but unfortunately, it cut its hours to only Saturdays :(. If you happen to be visiting on a Saturday, I would put this on the top of my list. The vegan gyoza is from the a-la-carte menu, which is only available at dinner time. Their vegan gyoza is HUGE and flavor-packed. Check out those jumbo babies in the picture below!

Chabuton (Shimokitazawa)

Chabuton is a ramen branch that was started by a famous ramen chef. He clearly understands the need for vegan options and provides vegan gyoza and vegan ramen at his shops. They are both very reasonably priced. The gyoza will set you back 320 yen for five larger pieces. The gyoza is crispy, well-flavored, and filling. They definitely hit the salty spot!


Vegan and Wine Bar Kiboko (Shinjuku)

Vegan restaurant Kiboko is a bit of a challenge to find. I remember it took me a solid three tries to finally catch this place on an open day, but when I did, it was worth it! I enjoyed a nice glass of wine with some of the gyoza. The gyoza is tasty but it is a bit expensive for the small portion sizes.

Food Therapy Diner Chabuzen (Shimokitazawa)

Owned by the cutest elderly vegan man, Food Therapy Diner Chabuzen is about a ten to fifteen-minute walk from Shimokitazawa station. It is mighty tiny, but it one of the most authentic ramen shops you will see. The garlic gyoza is crunchy and delicious, but VERY GARLICY (coming from a super-duper garlic lover). There are different options for the gyoza, but I recommend the garlic ones.

Tiger Gyoza (Shibuya)

Tiger Gyoza is an Omni-restaurant that has a few vegan/vegetarian options clearly marked with a little leaf. The interior is spacious and super artsy. I always go for the lunch set, which contains vegan gyoza and a coriander noodle bowl. The gyoza changes depending on the season, but it usually tastes a bit more like a samosa because it has potatoes and peas inside. It is delicious and filling just like the coriander noodles. Even if you are not such a big fan of coriander, you can remove the leaves and the coriander sauce underneath is AMAZING. I really love it even without being a crazed coriander fanatic.

FYI the soup that comes with it is an egg soup so avoid that if you are vegan. I would avoid the cabbage and kimchi as well. Also, this is a great bang for your buck at only a thousand yen per lunch set.


Olu Olu Cafe (Sangenjaya/Ikejiri-ohashi)

Yes, I can sing Olu Olu Cafe’s praises in almost every blog post I write. Everything they make is simply the best. I’ve had their gyoza a few times, and it never disappoints. Unfortunately the last few times I have been they are sold out of it. So this is just a mention to let you know it’s there, it’s delicious, but it may be sold out because it is popular.


Senjo Handmade Gyoza Shop (Ikebukuro)

Senjo Handmade Gyoza Shop is a Taiwanese Omni-gyoza restaurant. This is a shop I am obligated to add to the list because they carry a large variety of vegan gyoza, but I personally have not actually been here. It looks like they have a lunch and a dinner set. They also have different types of fillings. I will check it out ASAP and report back with my findings. If you’ve been, please let me know what you thought! ????

Mominoki House (Omotesando)

Mominoki House is touted as the first restaurant in Tokyo to offer mostly vegan options. It has a quaint and rustic charm to it, and the owner is extremely enthusiastic. He also runs his own farm in Saitama where he gathers his vegetables to use in the restaurant’s dishes. The food is definitely cooked with love and you can taste the care that is put into it. The gyoza tastes very natural and fresh. If you are interested in searching for mainly healthy vegan food in Tokyo, this is your place.

Overall, these are the shops that I have found so far that offer vegan gyoza. Please let me know if you have any input on these restaurants or have new ones to add!

Happy eating! ????

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