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Vegan Restaurant of the Month: Saido

Immediately after I stepped into Saido, I knew this was going to be a restaurant that I had to write about. Nestled in a beautiful little garden corner, the entire theme of Saido is “plants”, and rightfully so.

Saido is a completely plant-based restaurant located in the trendy neighborhood of Jiyugaoka.

Upon entering Saido’s gorgeous interior, you will be welcomed instantly by the lovely staff and feel right at home.

“Ei elit omnes impedit ius, vel et hinc agam fabulas. Ut audiamre iracundia vim. An eame, ut sint posse sumo diam ea. Cu omnis.”

How to get there:

From Shibuya station, take the red Toyoko line towards Yokohama. Jiyugaoka is on both the local and the express train. From Jiyugaoka station, it is about a 5-minute walk to this garden oasis. The entrance is just past a small flower shop.

What to try:

Saido has a beautifully curated Japanese vegan menu. It has different types of ramen as well as an unagi (eel) dish. At lunchtime, each meal comes with soup and a small amuse-bouche. The amuse-bouche is certainly amusing, with truly a creative display of the chef’s talent. As you open the top of your starter, smoke will pour out leaving you to try the “plant” that is within the jar. I have never seen anything quite like this display.

Following your starters, you have a pretty good idea of the style and effort you are going to receive in your main course. Personally, I have ordered the eel box and I was stunned. I have tried eel once many years ago, and if my memory serves correctly, the texture is spot on. This is quite difficult to perfect, so I was definitely impressed. The taste and texture of this meal were unparalleled to anything I have tried before.

With such a lovely environment and meal, Saido is definitely topping the list of the vegan food scene here in Tokyo. While it is a bit outside of the main sights and spots of Tokyo, it is a welcome change from the hustle and bustle of the city. There are many cafes and small shops to check out in this area as well, so it is worth a spot on the list.

Have you tried Saido before? What did you think? I would love to hear any thoughts and opinions!

Happy eating! ????

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