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Vegan Gyomu Supa Haul

As co-blogger Anna said in last week’s post, Japan certainly isn’t known as a vegan wonderland.

However, Gyomu Supa has quite the range of vegan items, if you know where to look! 😉 Anna shared all of Hanamasa’s secrets, so I’m ready to spill Gyomu’s vegan goodies haul this week!

There are many Gyomu Supa locations across Tokyo, but definitely should be mentioned that the products carried vary by location. Gyomu is known for being one of the cheapest spots to buy from, and also has a pretty impressive selection of imported goods.  Visit this website to find all of Gyomu’s locations:

                                                                       My Neighborhood Gyomu

Japan is known for expensive produce, but you won’t find any of those crazy prices here! Gyomu has bags of apples for 300 yen, where one in a regular supermarket would probably be close to 300 yen. 

When I went to grab my vegan food haul, there were some products I usually see missing. Also, I had already done my weekly produce shopping for veggies. So please do not be alarmed by my lack of fruits and vegetables, I swear I eat tons!

Gyomu has an insanely good frozen food section. I go there fully intending that I will have to overstuff my freezer back home, and my latest visit was no exception!

                                                                                My Latest Gyomu Haul


                                                             Cheap Bananas, Pineapple and Avocado

The veggie and fruit selection is crazy cheap, with avocados for only 100 yen and a bag of bananas for only 88 yen. Large buckets of tomatoes are only 300 yen, which is a steal in Tokyo. 


                                                                      Cheap Frozen Veggies and Fruit

Enter the frozen food section, where you can find big bags of spinach or broccoli for 140 to 160 yen. I personally love to stock up on frozen veggies which I can quickly fry up during the week or add to my smoothies.

I always find new vegan items in the frozen section as well, so I usually spend quite a bit of time scouring the labels here. Gyomu has large bags of french fries, hashbrowns, potato wedges, and onion rings for 160 yen to 250 yen! The onion rings are surprisingly tasty, so don’t miss out on these. 

                                                                                       My Favorite Onion Rings

Some other freezer goodies to add to your shopping list include Korean spinach pancake, puff pastry, churros, and tortillas. The churros are quite tasty and I love to fry up the spinach pancake for a quick snack. You can use the puff pastry to make nice little desserts and the tortillas are great to have on hand for a spur of the moment taco night. 

                                                                                            VEGAN Churros!
                                                                                                Puff Pastry

Dry Goods

Heading to the dry goods section, Gyomu has the cheapest flour, corn starch, and panko I think I have seen in Japan. You can also pick up this amazing granola (actually one of my favorite granolas), oats, or strawberry cereal for a quick breakfast option. 

                                                                                Strawberry Granola

In the pasta section, you can find gnocchi and…vegan bolognese spaghetti sauce! It is very clearly labeled with “soy meat” written on the label in English. This is a great sauce to have on hand for lasagna or a pasta night. 

                                                                                 My Favorite Granola

Canned Goods

                                                                                Coconut Cream Topping

Near the canned goods section you can fill your cart with a reasonably priced hummus or a huge jar of tahini for 300 yen and cans of chickpeas for 90 yen to make your own hummus, There is also a vegan green curry can that is easy to cook and a large jar of applesauce for only 300 yen. 

                                                                                   Cheap Hummus

There is a large selection of coconut-based products like coconut condensed cream which is a perfect dessert topping or for pancakes. You can also buy coconut jelly cubes that seem like they would be good in tea or in yogurt. Also, the cheapest agave syrup I have found is at Gyomu for only 400 yen. 

                                                                                  Vegan Thai Curries
                                                                                  Cheap Applesauce

Milk Alternative

Lastly, there are huge cartons of coconut milk with a range of flavors like sesame. For only 250 yen, this is quite a deal I think! They also sell regular soy milk and almond milk as well.

                                                                               Coconut Milk Flavors

As you can see, there are actually loads of secret vegan goods just waiting to be found at Gyomu! Do you have any vegan grocery faves from Gyomu? Let us know in the comments below!


Happy eating!

xoxo Jackie


  • Krobiasante

    Thought the blue bagged churros was the vegan one😢

    October 26, 2020 at 8:20 pm

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