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My Favorite Vegan Meals of 2020

Well, I think we can all agree 2020 has been, well it’s been a year. I don’t know about you, but personally one of my greatest comforts of this year has been food. I’ve really expanded my cooking knowledge and I have tried my best to support small, local restaurants as safely as possible. As we arrive at 2021, I want to reflect back on the year and show you some of my favorite vegan meals of 2020 I have eaten. Anyway, I hope these meals can inspire you when you are planning your next trip or where to next support in Japan.


Hanafusa Shojin Ryouri (Fukuoka)

First, we have Hanafusa which is a traditional shojin ryouri set in the cutest old Japanese house served also by the cutest older couple. Please call ahead to reserve!


Superiority Burger’s TFT (Tokyo)

Next, there is our ever favorite: Superiority Burger’s Tokyo Fried Tofu. If I had one lunch recommendation in Tokyo, this would be it.

Superiority Burger

Cori’s Chicken Namban (Tokyo)

Then, there is my beloved Cori’s Chicken Namban burger. Probably the best soy chicken burger you are going to find-ever. 😉


Genmai Shinshoku Aisunao’s Brown Rice Plate (Naoshima)

Naoshima has a few vegan options, but Genmai Shinkshoku’s is one you need to be sure not to miss. Not only tasty but beautiful!

Genmai Shinshoku

Great Lake’s Ontario Burger and Animal Fries (Tokyo)

Next, let’s check out the best burger joint in Tokyo- Great Lakes. Definitely stop by for these veganized in-n-out burgers if you have the chance.

Great Lakes

Mimikou Curry Udon (Kyoto)

My annual Kyoto trip is necessary for one reason: Mimikou’s vegan curry udon. Enough said.


Set Dinner from Peace Table (Tokyo)

Peace Table recently opened this year, and I was invited to try this beautiful set dinner made completely with veggies from a farm on a small island. The flavors are so fresh and tasty, I cannot wait to go back!

Peace Table

Alaska Zwei’s Croque Monseiur (Tokyo)

Again, Alaska Zwei can do no wrong in my book! From fluffy focaccia to the crispiest tofu, I love this rustic little cafe in Nakameguro.

Alaska Zwei

Botanical Burger from Umami Burger (Tokyo)

ZOMG, while we may not have the Beyond Burger here in Japan, this is a close second!

Botanical Burger

Vegan Ramen Uzu’s Ramen (Kyoto)

This all-new artistic and completely vegan ramen experience is one of my new favorites in Kyoto. It is expensive, but worth it for the atmosphere and modern art display.

Vegan Ramen Uzu

Loaded Burger from Terra Burger (Tokyo)

The vegan burger gods answered my prayers when Terra Burger finally decided to open a shop in Tokyo this year. This will be one of the chunkiest burgers you will find.

Terra Burger

Nagataya Hiroshima Okonomiyaki (Hiroshima)

While in Hiroshima, it is essential to eat as much Hiroshima style Okonomiyaki as possible. Nagataya is a great place to try out with a loaded fried garlic Japanese style pancake.


Vegan Bento from Evah Macrobiotic Dining (Fukuoka)

If you are looking for the most beautiful and tasty bento, get yourself to Fukuoka to try all the amazing variety that Evah Macrobiotic Dining has to offer! (I bought 5 hehe)

Evah Macrobiotic Dining

Mezze Lunch Plate from Salam (Tokyo)

The new kid on the block, Salam, is making a name for itself with its delicious and fresh Mediterranean concept restaurant.


Izakaya Masaka’s Izakaya Dishes (Tokyo)

The vegan staple everyone needs, an Izakaya, or Japanese bar. Masaka’s crispy fried chicken now comes in so many flavors, it’s hard to choose just which one to get! I recommend the tartar or spicy Schezhuen.

Izakaya Masaka

Los Angeles’ Set Lunch (Kanazawa)

This adorable little spot in Kanazawa is a must during the day for lunch. Each part of the set is carefully created and the owners are two of the sweetest people. It is a memorable place that should not be missed.

Los Angeles

Hatena’s Teriyaki Burger (Tokyo)

Hatena gave us the holy grail we didn’t know we needed: donut burgers! How they pack so much tastiness inside is a mystery to me, but I am so here for it!


Beans (Kochi)

Beans in Kochi is actually probably in my top three of best meals of the year, maybe even ever. Seriously, look this place up if you are in Koch- you won’t be disappointed!


Pizza De Oggi (Tokyo)

I stumbled upon De Oggi and I am never looking back! A crispy crust that is mixed with southern and western Italian style influences, it is the most unique pizza I have had here.

Pizzeria De Oggi

Spicy Menma Ramen from Tsurushiko (Tokyo)

If you are looking for some of the best ramen in Tokyo, look no further! Tsurushiko has bountiful vegan options and the spicy menma certainly hits all the right notes.


Banana and Caramel Pancakes from Shiro Cafe (Tokyo)

Fluffy, comforting pancakes dripping in caramel sound pretty good right about now! Shiro Cafe takes comfort food to the next level.

Shiro Cafe

Vegan Bento from Klasina (Tokyo)

The all-vegan dining spot Klasina started offering bentos this year, and I was ecstatic to finally be able to try some food from there. Everything was so carefully made, you could really taste the love that was put into this bento.


Grilled Soy Meat Bowl from The Vegan Store (Tokyo)

The Vegan Store is not only a completely vegan grocer but attached is a cafe! I highly recommend this gyudon bowl. All the flavors were paired together so well.

The Vegan Store

Beet Ramen from Bassanova (Tokyo)

Head over to Bassanova for a few spectacular vegan options. The beet shio ramen is very flavorful and I have never tasted anything quite like it!


Masala Dosa from Veg Kitchen (Tokyo)

I don’t know about you, but I am always up for a dosa. The dosa from Veg Kitchen is affordable, satisfying, and oh so delicious!

Veg Kitchen

Vegan Pho from The Pig & Lady (Tokyo)

The Pig & Lady’s vegan pho is full of amazing veggies and their tasty soup is packed with flavor. I also recommend getting the spring rolls as a side.

The Pig & Lady

Hot Dogs from Bell’s Nakameguro (Tokyo)

All vegan hot dogs in Japan!? YEP, head over to Bell’s for vegan shakes, hot dogs, and a variety of sides!

Bell’s Hotdogs

Five Vegan Course Meal from French Bar St. Pierre (Tokyo)

If you are interested in this vegan course, please contact them ahead of time to arrange this! Click here for their information! 🙂

French Bar St. Pierre

Overall, yeah, I know you are thinking this is a pretty long list, but this is the condensed version. Well, I hope you enjoyed this extensive guide of my favorite vegan meals of 2020! There seems to be a lot of burgers on this list! If you are interested in our vegan burger guide to Tokyo, click here. What were your favorite vegan meals of 2020? Did you discover any new spots this year? Let us know in the comments below!


Happy Eating!


Xoxo Jackie 


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