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cheap vegan tokyo hot dog

Vegan Meals Under ¥1,000 | Tokyo Cheap Eats

Vegan food is usually seen as expensive, but that’s not necessarily true. There are actually quite a few places in Tokyo that offer cheap, truly satiating vegan meals that won’t cost you more than 1,000 yen.

And no, you don’t need to settle for ume onigiri from the combini either.

Below are 10 delicious cheap vegan options in Tokyo that will make both your stomach and wallet happy.

Doutor (nationwide chain)

doutor cheap vegan burger

Vegan burger from Doutor

Doutor recently introduced a vegan burger that comes with a soy patty and marinated root vegetables. It’s quite small, but luckily it’s priced at 360 yen so you can get two and still be under budget.

It is actually quite flavorful and delicious– the perfect option for when you’re on the go and need a quick bite.

There are dozens of locations throughout Tokyo, with even more nationwide. You can see their nearest location here.

Falafel Brothers (Shibuya, Ebisu, Roppongi)

falafel brothers

Falafel Brothers is a 100% vegan cafe with three locations in Tokyo. It specializes in– you guessed it– falafel, but they also have other options like burgers, Israeli pizza, and karaage.

For 500 yen, you can get a 1/2 pita that comes with 4 pieces of falafel, tahini, greens of your choice, and 2 toppings.

Although of course not as large as the full-size sandwich, the half size is still quite filling. You can opt for the set meal for 950 yen, which comes with a drink and either fries or soup to amp up the satiety factor.

Superiority Burger (Harajuku)

superiority burger tokyo

Superiority Burger is one of our favorite spots in the city. Originally from NYC, you can find a variety of unique, indulgent vegan burgers and side dishes that are almost all under 1,000 yen.

The one burger you cannot leave without trying is the New Japan Creation, which costs 900 yen. Other favorites include the Superiority Burger (800 yen), potato coconut soup (600 yen), and tofu fried tofu (900 yen).

They are always experimenting with new dishes, so no matter how many times we visit it’s always a new and exciting culinary adventure!

Izakaya Masaka (Shibuya)

izakaya masaka

Karaage at Izakaya Masaka

A fairly new restaurant located in B1 of Parco Shibuya, Izakaya Masaka is Tokyo’s first all-vegan izakaya.

Options include a slew of karaage variations, gyoza, pickled vegetables, bean sprouts with soy meat, and Japanese-style pasta.

vegan karaage shibuya

So realistic!!

All the dishes are priced around 450-550 yen with generous portions.

Their bentos are also quite cheap, priced at 800 to 1,000 yen. You can check out the menu here.

Definitely don’t miss out on the karaage— it is one of the best in the city. And there is a LOT of vegan karaage in Tokyo.

Overall, Izakaya Masaka is a great place for a fun, casual night out with friends. Even those who are vegan skeptics are sure to enjoy the food here.

Deeneys (Harajuku)

vegan haggis tokyo

Vegan haggis at Deeneys

Deeneys is a Scottish cafe located on the fringes of Harajuku. It is probably one of the only places in Tokyo that offers haggis, a pudding containing a variety of sheep organs/meat. Not the most vegan-friendly dish… and yet they have a vegan version.

It is called the Vegan Lady, which costs 840 yen and comes with vegan haggis (essentially soy meat), vegan mayo, caramelized onion, rocket, and mustard. The mustard is amazing and the bread is toasted to perfection.

vegan haggis

Close up of the toastie

The cafe also carries oat milk (as well as soy), which is quite a rare find in Tokyo.

Seating is limited, so we recommend either getting takeout or coming with no more than 2 friends.

800 Degrees Pizza (Shinjuku, Aoyama, Yurakucho, Yokohama)

800 degrees pizza tokyo

Marinara pizza with custom toppings

800 Degrees Pizza is an American fast-casual chain that allows you to build your own pizza.

Vegans can get the marinara pizza for 850 yen and add whatever toppings you like. Each topping will add another 100 yen to your bill, so don’t go too crazy if you are trying to stay within budget.

Although we fully realize charging 100 yen for a couple slices of cherry tomato is a complete ripoff, it’s not often that you find vegan-friendly fast-casual chains in Japan, so we are fans!

Bells (Nakameguro)

bells nakameguro

Bells opened earlier this year and specializes in making the most decadent hot dogs that you never knew you needed. Good for vegans and non vegans alike, you choose the type of dog (vegan or chicken), the thickness of the sausage (thick or normal), and the type of bun (soft, medium, or hard).

bells nakameguro

Original dog

You also have the choice to build your own hot dog or go with one of the options on the menu.

bells nakameguro menu

Bells menu

The hot dogs cost anywhere from 500 to 800 yen, and the side dishes are around 500 yen.

We recommend the original dog, meat donut, and matcha milkshake.

vegan donut bells nakameguro

Magical meat donut (vegan)

The original dog comes with tomato, corn, lettuce, onion, sweet pepper, mayo, and herbs. Add jalapeños for a little more kick.

As for the meat donut, you may have never heard of such a thing before, but rest assured it is absolutely delicious. The bread is fluffy and chewy, and the “meat” inside is seasoned very well.

All of their shakes are good, but we especially love their matcha flavor. It’s also worth noting that the shakes are quite light, so you won’t feel sluggish later.

Coco Ichibanya (nationwide chain)

coco ichibanya vegan

Veggie curry w/ soy katsu

One of the only places in Japan with vegan Japanese-style curry, we are big fans of Coco Ichibanya.

It is a highly popular spot for a cheap meal, beloved by all for its clearly-marked menus and quick service.

There are many different types of vegan curries to choose from, however make sure you specify that you want their vegetarian curry— if you just say vegetable curry, they may make it with their standard pork curry with vegetables on top.

You can also choose the spice level. If you are not a spicy food fan, we recommend either the standard level (0) or 1. For those who like some heat, level 2 or 3 should do the trick.

The vegetarian curries are usually around 760 yen. You can also add extra toppings, like the soy cutlet, which will add an extra 257 yen to the bill.

Great Lakes (Takadanobaba)

great lakes burger

Superior burger (950 yen)

Great Lakes, an American-style burger joint, is another one of our favorites. The owner recently decided to switch it over to a completely vegan establishment, a move that we at Foodie Adventure wholeheartedly stan.

There are three vegan burgers to choose from, and you can’t go wrong with any. The Michigan Burger is 600 yen, while the other two are 950 yen. The patties are the same for all three, but the toppings are different.

Our favorite is the Superior Burger, which comes with vegan cheese, tomato jam, marinated onion, baby greens and mayo.

The shakes and ice cream are also to die for, but these will run you an extra 600-700 yen.

Soup Stock (nationwide chain)

Although not the most exciting of places, Soup Stock is undeniably convenient. With 33 locations in Tokyo alone, it’s a great place for a healthy and cheap bite.

Their menu rotates weekly, and there is always at least one clear-marked vegan soup or curry option.

For 740 yen, you can get 1 soup with either rice or bread. You can also opt for the larger soup set, which will run you 900 yen.

For a complete meal, we recommend either getting a large cup of soup or a large size of rice as the regular size may not leave you feeling 100% full.


We hope this list helps you save some cash next time you go out for vegan grub in Tokyo. Let us know how you save money in Tokyo and what your favorite cheap vegan eats are!

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