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Foodie Adventure Japan

Made in Japan– Conversations with Meljo Catalan Episode 16 — Gizem Sakamaki, Tokyo Foodie & founder of FOODIE ADVENTURE JAPAN

Listen in as Gizem dive in with Meljo Catalan to know more about what Foodie Adventure Japan mission & vision!


Made in Japan– Conversations with Meljo Catalan

By Meltingfaces
This is not your run-of-the-mill “Cool Japan” podcast. I want to explore the side of Japan outside of sushi & sumo; anime & video games. People from all walks of life living in Japan sharing their stories, their trials, and tribulations, and their successes. People who are hungry for making it and People who have made it. This podcast is about my conversations with them.

Welcome to Japan's Tastiest tours and blog!

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