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Top 10 Vegan Ramen in Tokyo

Ramen is basically the holy grail of Japanese food: salty broth loaded with veggies and slurppable noodles? Yeah, I would pretty much eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner if I could. 😉 I have spent the last four years scouring the city for the steamiest, most flavor packed ramen my taste buds could find. It was a tasking job, but someone had to do it! And I am happy to report back that these ten ramens currently hold the spot of my favorites in the city.




Hidden away on the backstreets of Harajuku, Bassanova is a typical ramen joint with a vending machine to choose your bowl from. There is one button for the vegan option, but you can choose from either a beet (salty) shio ramen or creamy miso. I opted for the beet ramen and it did not disappoint! It had a depth of flavors I hadn’t experienced before and even had a beet dumpling added to the soup.

Definitely worth the visit, and even has a nice patio for some outdoor seating



Tsurushiko is up there with one of my top spots for vegan ramen in the city for many reasons. It has loads of variety for vegans, such as soy milk ramen, curry ramen, and a tantan men. They use cold noodles in the ramen so it is certainly unique to any others I have tried before! 


Not only do they have many ramens to choose from, they also sell vegan karaage as a side. Don’t forget to use their handy ponytails to tie up your hair before slurping down their delicious noodles!

Kyushu Jangara


Kyushu Janagara is a ramen chain that has a few spots around Tokyo such as Harajuku and Ginza. The shop has a staple vegan ramen that is a salty base and recently has had a garlicky ramen as well. I personally love Kyushu’s simple shio ramen and their bamboo shoots plus fried yuba make a wonderful accompaniment.

T’s Tan Tan


No list of Tokyo’s best ramen spots would be complete with the famous T’s Tan Tan. T’s Tan Tan now has three ramen shops in Tokyo station, Ikebukuro station, and Ueno station along with the flagship T’s restaurant in Jiyugaoka. In the almost ten years since the shop in Tokyo station has been open, they have excelled and perfected their completely vegan menu. I am a sucker for their golden sesame tantan that has peanut butter in it as their secret weapon! 


If you’re in Tokyo, T’s is a must! The flagship restaurant had a few ramens on the menu, but the other locations boast many more options if that is what you’re looking for.


Chabuton is my local neighborhood ramen joint which has a lovely veggie ramen on the menu. The noodles are chewy goodness and the salty broth is full of veggies like fried lotus root, tomato and even avocado! I would say it’s not your typical, traditional ramen, but it tastes like a healthy ramen option and there are even vegan gyoza available.


Also located inside Tokyo station’s Keiyo street is Soranoiro, a shop that offers a few bowls of veggie ramen such as soy vegan ramen or vegan tantan men. The broth of the tantan has a real depth of flavor and the other ramen comes packed full of a variety of different vegetables. Because it is located right next to the famous T’s, it is often over looked unfortunately. An added bonus is that it can easily be made gluten-free by changing the noodles!

Yakuzenshokudo Chabuzen


Another ramen joint in Shimokitazawa is Yakuzenshokudo Chabuzen (mouthful, I know) also referred to as Food Therapy Diner. The cutest elderly gentleman runs this place out of a small, old Japanese kitchen. The entire menu is vegan and there are sides such as a range of gyoza as well! I love the ramen here because it is super garlicky and creamy. It also is pretty oily so if you’re not a fan of oil, this may not be the one for you.

Shinbu Sakiya-Samurai Noodle


Samurai Noodle is a ramen shop in Shibuya which is open to the wee hours of the morning. It definitely hits the spot after a night including a few drinks. There are a few vegan options clearly listed in English on the vending machine outside the shop before you enter. This ramen comes loaded with veggies on top like cabbage, corn, and bamboo shoots. As far as value for money goes, this is definitely the one to beat!

Jikasei Mensho


Jikasei Mensho is located on the bottom floor of the newly remodeled PARCO mall in Shibuya. While not quite well-known yet, this is perhaps one of the best ramens I have had in Tokyo. It is very creamy and topped with faux meat which gives it a lovely grilled, smoky quality. The noodles are superbly chewy as well! 



Chipoon is a funky little stall in the La Foret mall right in the heart of Harajuku. It is completely pink inside and while not a completely vegan menu, many of the items are vegan-friendly. I recommend the spicy sichuan cheese ramen, you read that right-vegan cheese ramen, or the seasonal veggie ramen! They also have a lovely little yuba burger that goes perfectly as a side. The spicy ramen does leave your mouth feeling fuzzy afterwards because of its special ingredient, but its a funny sensation!


This is quite the hefty list of vegan ramen shops, but one of our favorite’s at Foodie Adventure Japan is a not listed here. To try out this secret, beloved ramen of ours, why don’t you try our Vegan Ramen Tour? We would love to show you this extra creamy, extra delicious ramen!

What is your favorite ramen in Tokyo? Is there another you think that belongs on this list? Let us know in the comments below!

Happy eating! xoxo Jackie

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